Anita Campbell, EditorHi, I’m Anita Campbell, and I run this site.

Selling to Small Businesses is a resource for businesses of all sizes that market and sell to small businesses.

If your target customer is a small business, this site is for you.

Hmmm, you seem familiar…

You may know me from my main site, Small Business Trends, an online community that touches over 250,000 small business owners / managers and solo entrepreneurs each month.  I started Small Business Trends 5 years ago and it continues to grow each month, with a thriving community of entrepreneurs and business decision-makers who participate in multiple ways.

There are over 50 smart and savvy small-business owners who also contribute expertise to that community site for the benefit of other small businesses.  They make up the Small Business Trends Expert Network.

Also, for the past 4 years I have hosted a weekly Internet radio and podcast show conducting in-depth interviews on topics for small businesses: Small Business Trends Radio.  The show features 200+ interviews.

Why this site ….

The site you are currently on arises out of being actively involved — every single day — in communicating with and keeping a finger on the pulse of small businesses.

I started writing on the topic of “selling to small business owners” because there was a need.  Frequently vendors and other stakeholders had a dearth of knowledge about small businesses.   I had observations about the vendors and providers that were doing an outstanding job reaching the small business market — and those that were missing the mark.  The news media, marketing people and vendors began emailing me asking if I knew this or that.  So I started filing away links and bits of information about small business demographics, buying habits, attitudes, vendors, etc.

Those studies and research didn’t quite fit the editorial format at Small Business Trends.  You see, it’s not all that helpful to pontificate about what small businesses want to small business owners.  They know what they want!  It made sense to speak directly to a different audience — the vendors — who were the ones who wanted to know that.

Initially I did so through a column I wrote called “Selling to Small Business” for BNET, a unit of CNET Networks.  I stopped writing the column there as of January 31, 2007.  But CNET gave me permission to retain selected articles.  So I set up this site and moved those articles over here.  All contents prior to January  31, 2007 are reproduced here with permission (hence the CNET copyright notice below).

How do we reach you …

If you would like to read my official biography, or find out more about me as a small business speaker, view samples of my work, or learn more about my consulting services, please visit:  AnitaCampbell.com.

Or feel free to drop me a line.

Have a successful day!

— Anita

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All posts prior to January 31, 2007 Copyright ©1995-2007 CNET Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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Welcome to Selling to Small Businesses

Welcome to Selling to Small Businesses, where we share tips to help you understand how to market and sell to the small business market. Explore the site.

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