11 Jan

Ingenious Way to get Twitter Followers and Advertise Your Business

Upon checking into my hotel room at the Rio in Las Vegas, where I am attending the Affiliate Summit for a few days, I received what appeared to be a typical hotel room key — plastic, about the size of a credit card. When I arrived at my door, I examined the key more closely […]

20 Jul

MetLife’s Mature Market Institute for Boomer Research

MetLife has set up an information center about Baby Boomer research and issues, called the MetLife Mature Market Institute.    It’s where I found the reference to the Baby Boomer word of mouth survey that I wrote about in my last post.  Here is the mission for the Mature Market Institute: The MetLife Mature Market Institute is […]

19 Jul

Baby Boomer Word of Mouth Overlooked

Six out of ten Baby Boomers are asked for recommendations about products and services almost twice a week (90 times a year).  And who do they make recommendations to?  Why, to other Baby Boomers, of course. Oh, and 84% of their recommendations are made face-to-face, with 45% made online. Weber Shandwick commissioned the study, which […]

15 Feb

Baby Boomers – A New Breed

Seventy-eight million Baby Boomers in the United States are going to have — heck they already are having — a huge impact on the way America works. CapGemini is the latest group to come out with a white paper about Baby Boomers. According to CapGemini, this sums up the labor implications of the aging Boomer […]

11 Apr

The Franchisor and Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs

Once upon a time, being an entrepreneur was the exclusive domain of the young.  If you were older than 20-something, everyone assumed that you had no interest in starting a business.  By your 30s you’d already own your own business, they thought.  Or you’d be safely cocooned in a corporate career. Of course, that WAS […]

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