11 Jan

Ingenious Way to get Twitter Followers and Advertise Your Business

Upon checking into my hotel room at the Rio in Las Vegas, where I am attending the Affiliate Summit for a few days, I received what appeared to be a typical hotel room key — plastic, about the size of a credit card. When I arrived at my door, I examined the key more closely […]

01 Dec

Selling Your New Franchise Concept: How to Get Noticed

Turning your business into a franchise model can be an exciting time. You can’t wait to start selling franchises, and reap the benefits of being a franchisor …. You are ready to sell franchises if you have done the following: Written a complete operations manual Have your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) completed Have your franchise […]

18 Oct

Stop Selling and Instead Partner with Small Businesses

Are you finding it a challenge to reach niche markets?  Too costly to go after on your own?  Has innovation inside your organization stalled or become stale? Perhaps it’s time to do what companies like Google and Proctor & Gamble are doing: partner.  A growing trend is that of large companies partnering with small businesses to […]

18 Jun

Small Business Owners Can Thank Bill Gates

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  • June 18th, 2006

Last week Bill Gates announced he would be leaving his full-time leadership role at Microsoft in two years.  (Read his email to employees here.)  Reactions have been mixed and cover a wide range, from raising questions about how Microsoft will fare post-Gates, all the way to this bit of black humor on Slashdot:   “This man has performed an illegal […]

18 Nov

Technology Consulting Expected to Grow

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  • November 18th, 2005

Technology consulting — especially technology consulting for small businesses — is pegged to be an area of significant growth next year.  That’s according to Entrepreneur magazine, which notes: “Businesses without in-house IT departments need experts to hook them up with everything from printers to internet security to wireless networks. But you can’t just rush in with […]

15 Sep

Microsoft Reaches out to Accountants

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  • September 15th, 2005

I’ll make just one more post about Microsoft this week because the topic is important to the SMB market.    Microsoft is reaching out to accountants:  “…Microsoft announces that Accounting Professionals can officially sign up for the Microsoft Professional Accountants Network (MPAN).A big incentive for Microsoft to create MPAN is because of the release of Microsoft’s Small […]

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