23 Jan

American Express OPEN Forum – A Small Biz Community Case Study

Neat visual case study about American Express OPEN’s social media approach at the OPEN Forum — the following presentation by VizEdu does a nice job capturing it:  The idea is to provide information and strike up a conversation with small business owners, on a special conversational site that American Express OPEN has set up (separate and apart […]

18 Jan

FedEx Kinko’s Gets a New Name, New Website – And Offers a Quick Lesson in Launch

Kinko’s, acquired by FedEx a few years back, was rebranded as FedEx Office in 2008.  As a media backgrounder points out, the name is a play on the idea of FedEx Office being the Back Office for America’s Small Businesses. It’s kind of a bland name.  Kinko’s was such a … distinctive …. name that you didn’t […]

30 Nov

Appealing to Four Categories of B2B Decision Makers

Do you know the four information preferences of B2B decision-makers? If you don’t, you should.  Bryan Eisenberg writes in an article at ClickZ that business decision-makers fall into one of four preference categories: methodical, spontaneous, humanistic or competitive.  Most people favor one of these decision-making styles.  Depending on the style of decision maker you are trying to reach, […]

05 Mar

Marketing an Event for $150 Using YouTube

Jennifer Laycock, Editor of Search Engine Guide, explains how they are marketing an upcoming conference using a homemade video on YouTube.  The video cost them just $148.  It took 18 hours of time (divided among 3 people) to create.  She writes: It’s a short video, just a minute and a half, but it sums up the point of our […]

25 Nov

What You Need to Know About Millennial Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship keeps attracting younger and younger people — including “millennials,” i.e., those twenty-somethings and teens born since 1980. Since entrepreneurs are consumers first and business owners second, you have to understand their thinking as consumers. A recent article in Advertising Age offers a fascinating glimpse into millennials’ thinking and debunks certain assumptions we may make […]

18 Nov

Giving Thanks with Holiday Greeting Cards

Don’t forget to give holiday thanks to your business customers and partners.  You still have time, for instance, to order greeting cards with your company name embossed or a personal greeting.  You want something that looks professional, is business appropriate, and says that you remember those who count. CardsDirect has a great selection that you […]

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