30 Mar

Which Small Businesses Have Money to Spend?

As the economy recovers, and pent up demand for goods and services starts taking off, you’re going to want to know which small businesses have money to spend. Obvious targets are the small businesses with the highest profits. Those businesses typically have the highest free cash flows, too. In other words, they have money to spend. According […]

18 Jun

Networking at Kids’ Sporting Events

Gene Marks writes a monthly Penny Pincher Tips newsletter for small businesses.  This month’s newsletter outlines 10 places or ways to network for business, quoted courtesy of Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Sales Bible. The list contains many of the usuals.  Chamber of commerce events and organizations like Rotary are on there.  But one unusual networking tip one […]

15 May

Get Their Attention Fast By Getting Right to the Point

All too many sales pitches involve someone who wants to come in and spend a few hours of your time to “explore your needs.”  If I have an overwhelming problem, then I may want to have my needs explored.  But like most small business owners, I have so many needs that I couldn’t possibly afford […]

08 Apr

Developing Sales Prospects in Social Settings

Back in November 2005 we conducted an online survey at my Small Business Trends website, about selling to small businesses.  One of the findings highlights a challenge so many businesses in the business-to-small-business space have:  finding someone to sell to is sometimes the hardest part. Thirty-three percent (33%) of sellers in that survey said that their #1 challenge […]

27 Mar

Eliminate Lingo for Small Biz Owners

Technology products and services are famous (or infamous) for all the barely decipherable technical terminology. Technical, legal, scientific and financial terminology — all can be confusing to the very people you are trying to communicate with:  business owners.  The thing is, most small business owners are not subject-matter experts in your industry.   When you use insider lingo it makes your […]

06 Jan

It’s Not About Logic

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  • January 6th, 2007

Jonathan Farrington is a sales professional whose excellent blog I just discovered.  You’ll find lots of interesting stuff there, but one article caught my eye in particular:  The Twelve Golden Principles Of Selling I especially appreciated number 7:  Principle 7: – You Cannot Rely On Logic 84% of all buying decisions are based upon emotion […]

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