30 Mar

Which Small Businesses Have Money to Spend?

As the economy recovers, and pent up demand for goods and services starts taking off, you’re going to want to know which small businesses have money to spend. Obvious targets are the small businesses with the highest profits. Those businesses typically have the highest free cash flows, too. In other words, they have money to spend. According […]

08 Mar

Online Buying Activity of Small Businesses

Recently over at Small Business Trends I asked the community to participate in a survey conducted by Working Solo.  The survey was completed by 647 small businesses, and one of the questions asked was:  what do you buy online?  Here are the results: I wasn’t surprised by over 90% buying books and other low-cost media online.  I wasn’t […]

24 Feb

Over 70% of the Largest Small Businesses Have a Website

When it comes to small businesses having a website, size really does matter. The larger the size of a small business, the more likely it is to have a website. The smaller the business, the less likely it is to have a website. According to a survey conducted in September 2008 by Barlow Research of […]

18 Feb

Why Statistics Are Not Always What they Seem

This statistic is making the rounds and lots of people are repeating it:  only 44% of small businesses have websites.  It’s from a survey by Webivisible and Nielsen. I am skeptical. Before blindly accepting that as gospel truth, I suggest we examine this statistic more closely. (1) No one really knows how many small businesses have websites […]

31 Jan

Bad News for Independent Bloggers – Ad Network Closing

The downturn in the advertising industry claims another victim. The Pajamas Media ad network, which placed ads mainly on political blogs, is closing effective April 1, 2009. According to Instapundit, the business model wasn’t working: YEAH, the PJM ad-network model isn’t working. I don’t have much to do with the PJM business side, but online […]

04 Jan

Dell Does Year-End Reorganization – Don’t Expect Much Change for SMB

On December 31, 2008 Dell announced it was organizing itself globally around 4 customer segments, instead of regionally.  CEO Michael Dell says the reorg is to respond better to customer needs which are “increasingly being defined by how they use technology rather than where they use it.” The company has 4 business groups, as it […]

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